Harry’s Wand – His Not So Secret Power (and other Accessories)

Harry Potter Costume Accessories

No Harry Potter costume would be complete without his signature wand and glasses. It’d be like Wonder Woman without her lasso or Batman without his utility belt. Unfortunately most of the Harry Potter outfits do not include any accessories, so here’s a selection for you to choose from.

harry potter wand & glassesHarry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince – Harry Potter Accessory Kit

 Wizard-world essentials!The Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince – Harry Potter Accessory Kit includes: wire-rimmed circle eyeglasses and Harry’s signature wand.Petrificus Totalus! There! That should stop Valdemort…for a moment.


A Most Popular Item – Harry Potter Gryffindor House Deluxe Scarf

harry potter scarfWhilst we do have scarves (and ties) available from each of the 4 houses at Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, Harry’s Gryffindor scarf is the most popular and goes really well with the robes. It’s made out of high quality knit wool (100% lamb wool) in burgundy and yellow with a Gryffindor Shield patch (differs slightly from shown). Here’s what some customers have to say:

Is That Harry Potter?

Nov 22, 2009

Let me just say that this scarf is sooooo warm! Looks just like the scarf worn in the movies! Also you just cant beat the price! I love it!

Great Costume Accessory

Nov 20, 2009

I bought this for my ten-year-old daughter to be Hermione Granger for Halloween. This is such a high-quality product, she’ll be able to wear the scarf all winter to keep warm and she looked great at Halloween!

Perfect for costumes or cold days.

Dec 02, 2008

This is a genuine knitted scarf. It is well-made and will really keep you warm.

Quiddich Anyone? Then don’t forget your goggles!

harry potter quidditch goggles

An essential part of your Quidditch uniform.
These quidditch goggles are ideal when paired with our deluxe quidditch robe. They’ll help you spot the ‘Golden Snitch’ in a pinch. Nice attention to detail, made of quality materials. Added Bonus! Glasses are 100% UV Protection (UV 400). They are one size fits most.

Quiddich Goggle Reviews

Great Goggles!

Jan 18, 2009

These googles are very nice quality and fit my 9-year-old very nicely. They have a thick band around the back and a thick layer of vinyl-lined padding around the eyes. They look very similar to the googles you see in the Potter films. My son wears them with his Quidditch robes and flies around on his broomstick. It’s fun to watch him really get into character!

Good stuff

Sep 17, 2010

The goggles are not only high quality, but very comfortable. I was worried at the price they would be cheap or uncomfortable