Harry Potter Robe Costume For Adults

For the Harry Potter In Every Dad – The Adult Gryffindor Robe 

harry potter adult gryffindor robeThis costume will take you from being an every day muggle to the sharpest wizard on the block.

For a gallant member of the house of Gryffindor.

Rock this robe in the halls of Hogwarts! This thick, comfortable robe features the Hogwarts crest appliqué on the chest, faded red lining, and satin button clasp in the front. It’s a one size adult standard made out of wipe clean polyester. It does  not include tie, glasses, pants, shirt or shoe.

Reviews of  the Harry Potter Deluxe Robe Adult Costume

Awesome Costume

Jul 07, 2011

I love this costume its so awesome and my friends think i’m so cool!!!

Good enough

Dec 30, 2010

Not really the costume company’s fault, I read the reviews and knew the color on the interior would be off. It really is salmon pink and nOt scarlet. However, my daughters were thrilled. A bi pricey, but this site was the cheapest for the deluxe costume. They wear them around the house all the time since recording them for Christmas.

not awful but not worth the money.

Oct 29, 2010

This year for halloween, my boyfriend and I are going as Harry Potter and Ginny Weasly. We bought most of our costumes from this sight, and for the most part they are all great. The glasses fit my boyfriends head, which I was supprised by. The wand are far better quality than the cheep plastic ones we saw at costume stores around town. The scarves are lovely too. Now, The robes on the other hand…. The quality isn’t the best. The material is a polyester, but is almost fleece like. I will be curious to see how it reacts in the cold with all the static electricity of fall happening. The lining (the red part of the robe) is awful. It’s a baby pink colour, in no way could this colour ever be mistaken for any sort of red or burgundy. It also only lines the hood and the two inches surrounding the hem of the robe. Wouldn’t have been an issue if it didn’t cost $49.99. I think that for that price, the quality would be a little bit better. As well, my boyfriends cape has a hole in the chest of it. As far as the fit is concerned, it’s big quite big on me, but I was expecting this. The length is good, it’s just very wide. but fits my boyfriend well. If it weren’t for the hole in the chest, and the horrible colour, I would give it a five out of five.

Perhaps You’d Prefer A Slytheryn Deluxe Adult Robe

Harry Potter Adult Slytherin RobeYou’ll be plotting how to gain power (or get more candy!) as a member of Slytherin. New for this Halloween is the Slytherin robe.

Emulate Draco Malfoy or any other member of the Slytherin House in the Harry Potter – Slytherin Adult Robe, which features emerald lining in the hood and a screen printed Salazar Slytherin House crest. Noet that this costume does not include shirt, pants or shoes.